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Application creation

Intune Manager can be used to create applications.

At first, the Intune Tenant must be selected in which the application is to be created. With Create, the setup wizard will open.


A setup source must be selected in the Select Source section.


In App Information, the selected source information is displayed, which could be read out.


In the Deployment section, information about the source distribution can be configured, including minimum requirements, install parameters and detection rules. A detection rule template must be created in the Configurations beforehand.


Under Assignments, the groups for which the distribution is to be performed can be assigned, divided into Required and Available.


As a final section, all the information can be viewed again under Review + Create.


With Create the creation process is started.

The creation process can be tracked via the notifications.

Creating app
The setup source is converted to an INTUNEWIN file using the Intune Win32 Content Prep tool. The created INTUNEWIN file is saved in the configured WIN Files folder
The INTUNEWIN is uploaded to the Intune Tenant and an application is created in Intune.
Created app
The application was created successfully.